Go Straight, the ULTIMATE book for beat 'em up fans

Go Straight, the ULTIMATE book for beat ’em up fans

The new book from Bitmap Books is a review of “me against the neighborhood” games, such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. A joy for lovers of retro games.

The growing love for retro video games it is serving so that publishers offer us more and more spectacular books on the subject. And of course, in the Olympus of that category are the gentlemen of Bitmap Books.

In the past, they brought us such interesting works as Master System: A Visual Compendium, The Games That Weren’t or Game Boy: The Box Art Collection, but now it’s the turn of the street fights thanks to this Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups. We show it to you with this video:

As you can see above, Go Straight is a gigantic compilation several hundred pages long, collecting side-advance fighting games from their origins, with the endearing Kunio Kun or Double Dragonto more recent works like the brutal Streets of Rage 4.

One of the hallmarks of Bitmap Books is how much they take care of the layout and that the reader enjoys so much with their huge images as with the succulent data that appear in the reading. In that sense, we have to say that it is one of the books that have impressed us the most of this publisher.

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It is not just about enjoying nostalgia for its own sake, but thanks to this book you will surely be able to know old games that you overlooked at the time and that now it can be cool to recover, if you collect retro games.

As often happens with these products, so much quality comes with two drawbacks. On the one hand, the book is only in english and it is not foreseen that any publishing house will dare to translate it.

On the other, at justified price of 35 pounds (about 40 euros, to change) must be added the significant shipping costs, as the publisher is based in Great Britain.

If none of this “scares” you, with the book Go Straight you will be able to enjoy a true wonder for retro lovers. From the official website of Bitmap Books you can get hold of this little gem (they give you the PDF version, by the way) that smells of tollinas, pipes and roast chickens.





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