Two Nintendo 3DS contests with Zelda, a single winner and the gesture that gave rise to a beautiful story of friendship and improvement

Two Nintendo 3DS contests with Zelda, a single winner and the gesture that gave rise to a beautiful story of friendship and improvement

The lives of two people crossed thanks to video games, specifically a double draw for Nintendo 3DS with Zelda. Learn about the inspiring story of Jesús and Gongora 165, Emi, a child who beat childhood cancer with the support of Juegaterapia.

Video games have the power to bring people together. And when Jesus received, by chance of life, two identical consoles from different draws, he decided to do something that changed his life. This viral story may only have video games as a starting point, but they were the beginning of a friendship with an exciting and happy ending.

Jesus Martinez del Vas is a figure that you may recognize: collaborator in RetroGamer magazine, 3DJuegos, cartoonist in El Jueves and author of numerous books on retro video games in Spain.

In 2015, he won not one but two New Nintendo 3DS consoles Zelda Majora’s Mask editionwith the Hobby Consoles and Game Reactor raffles.

Despite Twitter murmurs, he decided to donate one of the leftover consoles to playtherapy. This association has been carrying out numerous campaigns for many years to alleviate the lives of children hospitalized for cancer and other illnesses.

Juegaterapia has launched initiatives such as an eSports team for boys and girls in treatment, and its work has even motivated research on The benefits of video games in reducing pain in the treatment of childhood cancer.

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The console that Jesus donated ended up in the hands of Emi, a 12-year-old boy who overcame cancer after a harsh treatment and a life or death intervention of 10 hours. Jesus kept contact with Emi and saw her grow, heal and come back to life, “a difficult to explain emotion prolonged over years“.

From my perspective: what did I do? Nothing. What did I get? A treasure. For a gesture without any merit“, Jesus reflects. Today he received a message from Emi and her mother and he wanted to share it with all of us:

Emi signs as Gongora 165 this song in which he narrates his experience. “I thank God for the life I have had and for the bad times that have gone, prepared for war and for the enemy, that they continue to pull because they will not be able to with me“.

You can listen to his music on Youtube and Spotify.

Jesús wanted to share with everyone the art of Gongora 165. “I would love for her to get a surprise from all of you today and for her to spend a happy day, like the day she received that little golden console.”

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