Twitter goes back with the feed ordered by an algorithm

Twitter da marcha atrás con el feed ordenado por un algoritmo

One of the most common criticisms of Facebook is that it is the algorithm that chooses what you see first, so it’s surprising that Twitter decided, just a few days ago, that the service would default to displaying posts organized by the algorithm, based on what it thought might be most interesting to you. To retrieve the chronological feed, users would have a tab in the app for iOS and Android.

The problem is the adoption, by default, of the model organized by the algorithm. This, as I mentioned before, is not something new, and in this case those responsible for Twitter could have learned a bit from Facebook, and from the growing demand by many users to leave aside the algorithm and the attempt to satisfy the user’s tastes, returning to the chronological feed. And it is even more surprising if we take into account that this controversy, even with its origin in Facebook, has spread a lot to other social networks, Twitter among them.

Well, nothing to learn in someone else’s head, of course. Last Thursday, the official Twitter account published this message on the social network, causing an instant reaction in the users who saw it. And yes, as you can imagine, the criticism was directed at that, by default, the app always shows us the filtered version by the algorithm, instead of the messages in chronological order. Something that, seen what has been seen, is what is demanded by a more than vast majority.

They should not wait, in the offices of Twitter, such an angry and negative reaction against this change. And that is something that, I repeat, surprises me a lot. The organization of content by algorithms is something that has been in the pillory for quite some time, so taking a step further in the sense of prioritizing it does not enter the head of anyone with half a brain. Now, of course, they have been forced to back down:

Only four days later, they have had to turn back. At least, yes, it seems that they have responded quickly to user complaints, although that of “exploring other options” does not sound too good. We will have to remain attentive to his next movements in this regard.

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