Nicolas Cage wants to join the universe of The Batman incarnating a dark villain from the 60s

Nicolas Cage wants to join the universe of The Batman incarnating a dark villain from the 60s

Nicolas Cage is keen to join Robert Pattinson’s The Batman universe because there’s a dark DC Comics villain from the 1960s he wants to play.

On March 4, The Batman landed in theaters, the DC movie directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson which is a new cinematic reboot of the Dark Knight.

The success of The Batman movie is being overwhelming, surpassing Batman Begins’ opening weekend box office in one day and increasing its box office to $463 million, and that’s without it having opened in China yet.

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This is but the beginning of an interesting universe that Matt Reeves intends to expand both on the big and small screen, having at least two confirmed spin-off series, where a few days ago HBO Max officially announced The Penguin, the series centered on Colin Farrell’s Penguin.

Although it is not yet officially sequel to The Batmanone of the great stars of Hollywood has already shown his interest in wanting to participate in the next Dark Knight movie.

In a recent interview with Fox 7 Austin at SXSW 2022Nicolas Cage (a lover of superhero comics) was asked if there is any role he has not played that is on his wish list. While the question was open to whatever genre you’re interested in, Cage was quick to mention his desire to join The Batman universe..

The actor, who has yet to see the film, shared that he has been toying with how he would play Egg headan obscure DC Comics villain in the 1960s.

“Here’s something, I’ve been thinking about this, because we have this new Robert Pattinson as Batman, which I haven’t seen yet, but I think would be fantastic, the villain that Vincent Price played in the ’60s series Egghead.” declared.

Vincent Price as Egghead in the 1960s Batman seriesVincent Price as Egghead in the 1960s Batman series

“I think I want to try Egghead. I think I could make it absolutely terrifying. And I have a concept for Egghead. So let Warner Bros. know that I’m open to doing Egghead,” the actor added.

Although he appeared in the DC comics, Egghead was a character originally created for the 1960s series. As his name alludes, Vincent Price’s character had an obsession with eggs while viewing himself as a mastermind.

would you like to see Nicolas Cage playing Egghead in a sequel to The Batman? Meanwhile, here we recommend some almost mandatory HBO Max movies if you are a subscriber to this platform.

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