An IRL streamer is savagely beaten in Tokyo during a broadcast, but the recording allowed one of the attackers to be arrested

An IRL streamer is savagely beaten in Tokyo during a broadcast, but the recording allowed one of the attackers to be arrested

IRL streamer CashMeow gets hit in Tokyo during a stream. But something good has come out of this and that is that the recording allowed one of the aggressors to be arrested.

The Twitch IRL streamer CashMeow has been the victim of a live attack. A stranger hit her several times when she was broadcasting, but the recording made it possible to arrest one of the aggressors.

During this direct in tokyo the streamer has had to suffer blows and a series of aggressions. Worst of all, some of his camera equipment has been destroyed by these strangers.

This hobby of broadcasting live on the street or on foot is fun and enjoyable, although it has its drawbacks. One of them is to come across some of these people who have crossed a key and of course…

An IRL streamer, or who broadcasts from the street, is drowned by a stranger during one of his direct

Reydempto - IRL Twitch StreamerReydempto - IRL Twitch Streamer

Although broadcasting from home does not have zero risks either, since they can know your address and send the FBI. There are many other cases of IRL streamers being harassed on the street while they are live broadcasting.

And in the case of the streamer CashMeow, he has had to suffer both physical and verbal harassment and aggression; and not content with that, the aggressor destroyed part of his equipment. All for enjoying a meal in Japan so calm. How do you dare?

While sitting outside at a restaurant in Japan, CashMeow was approached by a group of young men. One of them asked him where he was from and the one next to him grabbed his glass of water and drank it.

A third man entered the scene looking like he was trying to prevent a fight between the water drinker and the streamer.

In the previous clip you can see the scene, but Cash explained that the kid drank his water, but the third one was just trying to calm things down.

The streamer grabbed his camera crew to film the altercation and that is when the third individual took his selfie stick and apparently broke it.

Before the video went live, Cash was reporting to the police. He claimed that one of the boys even spat on him, but that the group vanished when the police were called.

Cash showed the police the video of the group and pointed out which one of them is the one that had broken some of his camera equipment.

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And this is when things reach extremes that should not be crossed. As she thanked the officers, she returned to her table and sat down to show the onlookers what had happened.

He assured that his life was not in danger, but he wanted to punish the assailants. Moments after all this, the group returned and started hitting CashMeow.

Such was the attack that he was even thrown from his chair and fell to the ground before the assailants fled again. You can also see this clip a few lines below.

Through its twitter account public: “Thank you for the concern from the bottom of my heart, apart from the slight headaches where I got hit I feel much better and the bruises have subsided after a night of rest“.

The live after this was cut off again and when something was seen again CashMeow was informing the police of the incident again.

One of the attackers was apparently identified as the same man who broke Cash’s camera; so things did not end there.

Despite everything being fine with his health, the scare took him that night. With the help of the CashMeow chat and the Discord server, the assailants could be identified; for now the streamer is safe.

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