Unlicensed Scarlet Witch figure goes viral for her unclassifiable expression and name

Unlicensed Scarlet Witch figure goes viral for her unclassifiable expression and name

The Ekia Hobbies “Lady Spooktacular” figure will make you never look the same as Wanda Maximoff again.

Now that the Multiverse is officially coming to Marvel thanks to movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Spider-Man: No Way Home, the concept of character variants is becoming normalized.

This means that finding alterations of characters like Loki or Spider-Man does not seem unreasonable to us, but the figure that we bring today is on a very different level.

And it is that the issue of whether or not to have licenses to exploit a face or a name is very delicate. You can gamble if you do something without permission and get paid for it using the name and/or image of a famous character or actor.

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Such is the case of the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example. Manufacturers like Hot Toys pay for licenses to be able to recreate the most realistic figures possible of the characters we see in Marvel movies and series.

This also implies that the price of the figures is usually higher, but in the end it is something that we are also paying.

In that line we find this figure from Ekia Hobbies. Do you know what Scarlet Witch is?. We know that she is Scarlet Witch. They know that she is Scarlet Witch and for sure in Marvel they know that she is Scarlet Witch. But the “official” name of this recreation is Lady Spooktacular.

Beyond the name, which is understandable, what has driven people crazy is the face they have put on poor Wanda.

Even though bears resemblance to the face of Elizabeth Olsenthis unlicensed Scarlet Witch figure seems to have been possessed by Tom Holland eating a shortbread.

The face is pure poetry, the same face we all put on in Scarlet Witch and Vision when we found out who Ralph Bohner was.

Although it also has an air Jenna Fischer in The Office as Pamespecially when it was his turn to put on a ‘face of circumstances’.

Other Ekia Hobbies figures bear a greater resemblance to the characters they recreate. We have “John”, who is none other than John Wick, looking much less hilarious than the Wanda and more like Keanu Reeves. Same case we see with Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

We do not know why the face of ‘Lady Spooktacular’ looks like that of a mother seeing some disastrous notes from her son, but the laughter does not take them away from us. And eye, what It’s not particularly cheap either, costing $172.





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