STALKER 2 adapts its name to Ukrainian and rejects Russian terminology

STALKER 2 adapts its name to Ukrainian and rejects Russian terminology

The title developed by GSC Game World changes the term “Chernobyl” to adapt it to the Ukrainian language, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine is affecting all areas of our lives. As expected, the video game industry is also experiencing changes and events that we never thought would happen.

In our compilation you can see how this conflict is affecting the video game industry. multitude of companies have ceased their activities and supports in Russia and Belarusfor example.

One of the most notorious examples is found in STALKER 2. The open world game from GSC Game World was going to be released in December, but its development has been paused because of the war.

This was explained by GSC in an emotional development diary. attention, because the Russian invasion has caused a curious name change in STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobylas we can see in its official Steam file.

If we go to the steam pagewe see that the term ”Chernobyl” has been changed to ”Chornobyl”. At first it was thought that it was a mistake, but after investigating we have found the reason for this change.

turns out ”Chornobyl” is the term used in the Ukrainian language to refer to the citylocated in the north of Ukraine and victim of the famous nuclear accident in 1986 (which in a certain way is the basis for the STALKER saga).

Stalker 2

So that you can understand it better, it is a case similar to what happens with Kiev and Kyiv. The first term comes from Russian slang, while the second is the official term in Ukrainian.

That is to say, that GSC has changed the name of its game, adapting it to Ukrainian, as a sign of rejection of the Russian language. As you can see, there is much more crumb than it seems after this change.

At the moment, this change in terminology has only been seen on Steam. In the case of the Microsoft Store and the official Xbox websitethe term Chernobyl is still kept in the title of the game.

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STALKER 2 is also one of those games that will leave us drooling, thanks to the power of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. Related to this topic, we remind you that GSC requested support for the Ukrainian army in the first hours of the invasion.

The development of stalker 2 is currently paused. Its creators affirm that they will return stronger after the conflict, and assure that they will finish the game when possible. It was scheduled for next December 8as an exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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