Completing Ghostwire Tokyo 100% will take you about 30-40 hours, confirms Tango Gameworks

Completing Ghostwire Tokyo 100% will take you about 30-40 hours, confirms Tango Gameworks

Director Kenji Kimura and Producer Masato Kimura discuss the length of Ghostwire Tokyo, the upcoming game from Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within) for PS5 and PC.

The next March 25th arrives in stores a new PS5 exclusive (on consoles). Ghostwire Tokyo is the new game of Tango Gameworkswhich promises to surprise us and anguish us in equal parts.

From creators of The Evil Within comes this paranormal action adventure. Ghostwire Tokyo puts us in the shoes of akitoa young man who will have to unravel the mystery of a Tokyo plunged into the most spectral of misfortunes.

You can read our impressions on Hobby Consoles after 5 hours of play, and also discover its 6 execution modes on PS5. We also remind you that the game occupies only 20GB on PS5 and PC.

In a interview with wccftechdirector kenji kimura and the producer Masato Kimura have revealed new details after Ghostwire Tokyo. They have also discussed the approximate duration of the title.

The most interesting thing, perhaps, is to remember that Ghostwire Tokyo Was The Evil Within 3 Originally. The team planned to place it in northern Europe, but decided to make it a new IP and go for a Japanese setting.

Another interesting aspect is the sandbox concept of the title. Both creatives emphasize that Ghostwire Tokyo it’s not an open world gamealthough it does allow the player to explore the city at their leisure.

Depending on your vision of what an open world game is, things can change, but for us, we believe that this is an action adventure game with sandbox style mapwith a mystery you want to solve by exploring the city”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the great PlayStation 5 exclusive for this spring

Following this, Kenji and Masato were asked about the duration of Ghostwire Tokyo. This depends, of course, on whether we focus on the main plot or if we choose to complete 100% of the game (side missions, collectibles and others).

If you decide to go for the main plot, the game lasts between 15 and 20 hours according to Tango. However, Completing Ghostwire Tokyo 100% will take you between 30 and 40 hours. game, depending on your ability.

Finally, the team discusses the possibility of exploring the scenarios… but without getting overwhelmed. This was a fundamental aspect for Tango: allow without forcing the player to explore unnecessarily.

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we wanted that the player had the ability to go where they wanted to be interesting to them as a player. If you see something that’s cool, you’ll want to go there, and we wanted to remove any roadblocks or stress that would normally exist in that case.”.

Ghostwire Tokyo hits stores next March 25thavailable exclusively for PS5 and PC. We remind you that you can already reserve its physical Deluxe edition in GAME stores, provided with a beautiful metal box and some very interesting extras.





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