Netflix price hike hits UK, moving closer to Europe

Netflix vuelve a subir sus precios

Following in the footsteps of the recent rise in the United States, this time it has been the territories of the United Kingdom and Ireland that have just experienced a new price rise for the Netflix service, thus setting the second consecutive increase in less than 18 months.

As they have shared since Guardianthis latest price increase will add an additional £1-2 to the prices, depending on the subscription plan. As a result, the basic Netflix subscription in these territories now amounts to 6.99 pounds (approximately 8.99 euros), increasing to 10.99 pounds per month (14.99 euros) for access to Full video quality HD, and a whopping £15.99 (€20.99) for 4K and HRD streams.

It is true that in recent times Netflix faces more competition than everfacing only in Spain other international services such as HBO Max, Disney + and Prime Video, as well as other local services such as FlixOlé, all of them with lower prices than Netflix.

Thankfully, as the statement suggests, Netflix hasn’t just been content to give us the same old content while taking more and more money, as the streaming giant continues to create its own entertainment shows as well as venture into mobile gaming if those are your kind of thing.

That said, with even more reason than when we jumped ahead during the previous price hike in the US, probably not the best time for a price increase. It is true that the company needs liquidity to be able to take on new productions and the purchase of rights to more content, but perhaps it would make more sense for it to look for other ways to finance said commitment to content.

Even so, the arrival of this increase in the United Kingdom brings it one step closer to Europe and Spain, predicting a possible new rise before the end of the current year.

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