Gran Turismo 7 wins the race against Triangle Strategy and Elden Ring on its launch in Japan

Gran Turismo 7 wins the race against Triangle Strategy and Elden Ring on its launch in Japan

Famitsu reveals the top 10 game sales in Japan, with some surprises. Gran Turismo 7 is the best seller, beating Triangle Strategy and the Elden Ring itself.

One more week, here we have the ranking of best-selling software and hardware of the week in Japancourtesy of Famitsu and also published in Gematsu. Attention, there is more than one surprise.

Of all the great launches, we say goodbye to Dying Light 2 and Horizon II Forbidden West of the Japanese ranking. On the other hand, Legends Pokémon Arceus endures… along with two great novelties.

Gran Turismo 7, the brand new driving simulator exclusive to PS5 and PS4, is the best-selling game of the week in Japan. It is also the best PlayStation entry in said market of the last few months.

Released on March 4, Gran Turismo 7 has sold a total of 137,964 units in its first days for sale. Breaking down the figures, they have been sold 73,399 copies of PS5 and 64,565 units of PS4.

In second position, we have Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s new tactical role-playing game for Nintendo Switch. It also saw the light on March 4, and it would be the number 1 of the top if we separate the two versions of Gran Turismo 7.

Triangle Strategy has sold a whopping 86,298 copies in his first week in Japan. Not bad at all, considering that it is an exclusive video game and that it is unique in its diplomatic proposal.

Behind, in fourth position, emerges the gigantic Elden Ring. The new FromSoftware has not been able to hold the lead against Gran Turismo 7 and Triangle Strategy. ranks fourth and sixth.

Elden Ring

The PS4 version is the best seller, with a total of 55,310 units. However, far below we have the PS5 edition, with only 14,746 copies placed in Japanese stores.

Between both versions of Elden Ring, we have Pokémon Legends Arceus, who has sold 50,481 copies on Nintendo Switch. The GameFreak title has already 2.1 million games sold in Japan.

Closing the top 10 we have the usual Nintendo Switch exclusives, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Party SuperstarsIn addition to the version of Minecraft for the hybrid.

What about top hardware? Nintendo Switch still reigns in Japan, with 96,952 units sold this week. OLED switch brings together the majority of sales, with 55,385.

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Diablo III SwitchDiablo III Switch

Surprisingly, the standard Switch model is still in second place (26,126 units)but Playstation 5 it comes very close in units sold. Sony’s console has sold 22,550 units.

Behind, Switch Lite has sold 15,441 consoles and far exceeds the PS5 digital model (3,129). In turn, both Xbox Series X (748) What Xbox Series S (573) They are still below, although they outsell PS4 and Nintendo 2DS.





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