LEGO Super Mario Peach

Leaked new LEGO Super Mario toys with Peach’s Castle

LEGO has revealed new sets for LEGO Super Mario, including a Peach figure and her castle, with a new Starter Pack joining the Mario and Luigi sets. The official announcement is expected tomorrow MAR10 Day.

LEGO has gone off the rails a bit, because it just announced a new lego super mario set… and then they have deleted the ad. It has been through Instagram, but Jay Bricks Blog (via nintendo-everything) has been able to take new screenshots of this expansion set that adds to Princess Peach and her Castle.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 10, is the MAR10 day, so the official announcement is only a few hours away. At the moment, the only thing we have are these five images, which confirm Peach as the third playable character of LEGO Super Mario, with an interactive figure with screen, light, sound and sensors.

lego super mario peach

Peach is expected to come in a new Starter Pack with the figure and various bricks. The figure with its sensor under the legs are essential to play the LEGO Super Mario proposal, which is like a “Mario Maker” in real life.

Among the characters we see Toadette, a yellow Toad like the ones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a new Bowser that would come with Peach’s castle, a Bob-Omb, a Hammer Brother, Spike (the green bug that throws spiked wheels ) and Ludwig Von Koopa.

Baby Yoda LEGO figureBaby Yoda LEGO figure

Baby Yoda LEGO figure

Official LEGO figure of “The Child”, better known as Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. It is officially licensed by Disney and Licasfilm. It measures 20 centimeters high and has 1,073 pieces.

Buy it at the best price

The existence of a new Starter Pack for Super Mario was leaked a few weeks ago, as serial numbers for new, unannounced sets in the LEGO Nintendo series were spotted. Among them, one (71403) at $59.99, which will be the Peach Starter Packand seven other expansion packs, with prices ranging from 5.99 euros to 129.99 euros (which is surely the price of Peach’s Castle, 71408).

Today we still don’t know their release dates, but according to the leak the new LEGO Super Mario sets with Peach will come out on August 1, 2022.

Later, on October 1, a new set of the series is expected LEGO Nintendo for 229.99 dollars / euroswhich is expected to be unrelated to the LEGO Super Mario line and to be a collector’s item (with a +18 on the box).

The last two years the LEGO NES and the LEGO Block ? from Super Mario 64. Would you like to see another Nintendo console turned into LEGO? Peach’s castle in more detail? Something from another Nintendo franchise?

The last expansion set for LEGO Super Mario came out in January 2022, and it was Luigi’s Mansion, featuring Luigi’s Mansion, ghosts, and accessories for the LEGO Luigi figure.

A LEGO collectors set will arrive in May with the Longneck from Horizon Zero Dawn (and an Aloy minifigure), and another Uncharted 4 LEGO set could drop in the future.





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