Perfect Dark will show its gameplay at E3 and will launch in 2023 alongside Awoved, according to the latest rumors

Perfect Dark will show its gameplay at E3 and will launch in 2023 alongside Awoved, according to the latest rumors

One of the most anticipated titles by Xbox players is Perfect Dark 4 (in the absence of confirming the official name). However, we have yet to see it in action. When that day came? New rumors talk about this matter.

Some time ago it was confirmed that the great project of The Initiativethat company full of veteran staff from other big developers that formed Xbox Game Studios, was a new entry in the Perfect Dark saga.

However, beyond some concept art and confirmation of the development of this game, we did not get any more information. Since then it has rained and fans are wondering when we will be able to see footage of the game. A rumor maintains that we will not have to wait much longer either.

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During the last episode of the podcast of xbox erathe renowned journalist and insider Jeff Grubb released information of great interest to gamers and gamers of Microsoft systems.

It seems that the VentureBeat journalist know the supposed Xbox plans for this E3 2022 and Perfect Dark would enter the grillto what would be seen at the Microsoft conference.

Grubb commented that I thought that Microsoft will once again have a great presentation full of games to show facing the next few months (we remember that the Redmond conference last E3 was one of the great highlights).

What would we see in said event? Well, the squad would be led by Starfield, Redfall and Forza Motorsport, but also by Perfect Dark, which would finally show gameplay.

First details of Perfect Dark on Xbox Series X, the story and its gameplay

Perfect DarkPerfect Dark

In addition, the insider went a little further and indicated that the game would be released in 2023 along with the long-awaited Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s next fantasy RPG that has stood out so much, despite the fact that it hasn’t revealed much either.

On other Microsoft projects, Grubb mentioned Everwild, the Rare project that looked very good, but unfortunately does not seem to be having an easy development.

The last thing we have been able to know about the project is that this reboot of Perfect Dark will have the help of Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) in the development.





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