Morbius' new teaser debates whether the antihero's abilities are a cure or a curse

Morbius’ new teaser debates whether the antihero’s abilities are a cure or a curse

The Morbius movie releases a new teaser discussing the nature of Jared Leto’s character’s powers.

Less than a month to go until Morbius, the new film of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man Universe reach movie theaters almost everywhere in the world.

The Oscar winner Jared Leto will get into the skin of the Marvel antihero for this film that will continue to exploit the Marvel characters under Sony control.

As you know, the intention of Sony Pictures is to create its own cinematic universe with ancillary characters and Spider-Man villains, such as Tom Hardy’s Venom.

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On the horizon we also have films like Kraven the Hunter, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, or Madame Web, with Dakota Johnson.

The film will introduce the character of Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a doctor who suffers from a strange blood disease. During his search for a cure, Morbius will develop a series of vampire-like abilities, but without the hassle of dying.

This earned him the nickname “living vampire”, because despite not having the vulnerabilities of bloodsuckers, he does have his thirst and his need to feed.

As part of the promotional campaign for Morbius, which is already in full swing, Sony has released a new teaser for the film.

In the brief clip of just 30 seconds, we see Morbius discussing the nature of his powers with Loxias Crownthe character embodied by matt smith.

Loxias and Morbius are childhood friends. They both have the same disease and eventually Loxias will also develop powers similar to Morbius.

The movie’s teaser focuses on both characters discussing abilities, as we’ve said. Loxias believes that Morbius has found a cure, while Jared Leto’s character considers it more of a curse.

Actually it is a play on words that loses its grace when translated into Spanish. In English, cure (cure) and damnation (cursed) sound very similar.

Morvius hits theaters on April 1, 2022 to expand Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe. Are you excited to see Jared Leto’s living vampire in action?





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