Valve has “aggressively” increased Steam Deck production and clarifies its shipping date

Steam Deck

Valve announces that it is “aggressively” increasing Steam Deck production and updates the availability window for pre-orders already made.

Steam Deck has already begun to reach the homes of the first buyers. This powerful Gaming PC in the form of a portable console has caused a sensation and although there are many edges to be polished, the general reception is very positive.

Valve has been shipping the first units for a week, but in a new statement today they have announced that they are going to increase production “aggressively”and buyers can now see more clearly when they will be able to receive their Steam Deck.

From today, in the Steam Deck purchase website you can see when you can expect your PC: the first, second or third quarter of 2022.

If you enter without having any reservation, the estimated date remains “after the third quarter of 2022“. Sales are made by waiting list according to the order in which the reservations arrive.

Remember that you can reserve your Steam Deck from 419 to 679 euros, depending on the storage (the power and available games are the same). It will not be sold in stores, only through its website.

Steam Deck

In its blog post has announced that they are studying expand Steam Deck availability to other countries, such as Japanin 2022.

Valve also highlights the reactions of the press, obviously taking the most positive quotes, highlighting its power, unusual in a “portable console”, and that it fits into the lives of many users who may not have as much time to play sitting for long hours in front of the PC (same reason the Switch succeeded in the first place).

But some of the Steam Deck reviews weren’t that great though they take it as an “early access”and most complaints (such as incompatibility with some games) are from the software, which can be easily fixed with patches.

Remember, here you can reserve your Steam Deckbut don’t expect it until at least the last quarter of 2022 if you book it now.

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