Announcing Urban Venture, a taxi simulator with a full-size open recreation of Barcelona

Announcing Urban Venture, a taxi simulator with a full-size open recreation of Barcelona

Urban Venture is a new taxi simulator where you can drive through a 1:1 life-size recreation of Barcelona, ​​and manage your own taxi company. It is scheduled to be released in early access in late 2022, on PC and next-gen consoles.

This recently announced simulation game has a very original and ambitious proposal: drive a taxi around Barcelonain a recreation on a real scale of the city of Barcelona. It’s called Urban Venture, and it’s scheduled to be released on PC and next-gen consoles in late 2022 or 2023, in early access at least.

Urban Venture, from siminteractoffers a exact recreation, 1:1 of Barcelonawhich has been designed as a huge open world of 20 square kilometersaccording IGNand that it has more than 200 monuments and recognizable places in Barcelona.

But what is the game itself? Urban Venture is half driving simulator, half business management. We started as a taxi driver who arrives in Barcelona with our car and the dream of making a name for ourselves.

As you complete a series of tasks and challenges (including dealing with impatient passengers, traffic accidents, traffic jams, storms, city events, and even tourists who ask us to give them a guided tour) you can grow up to start your own taxi company.

There are also many options for customize the car (as well as the experience of travelers, such as radio). If you want to drive, you will be able to avoid all the management parts, even participate in a free mode. If you prefer to focus on management without driving, you can do that too.

Urban Venture

Urban Venture will have a sophisticated physics system, dynamic weather, realistic AI of drivers and pedestrians. Although the first images you can see in his steam token They are not very varied, it promises to be a very ambitious idea…

do you remember The Wheelman, the “GTA in Barcelona” with Vin Diesel from 2009? Hopefully your Barcelona open world is better done…

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Urban Venture is the work of Simteract, a Polish studio that since 2014 has specialized in professional simulators, used for example in driving schools in the United States. Since 2018 they have gone on to create simulation video games.

His only release so far came out in 2021, Train Life: A Railway Simulatora train simulator in which you are in charge of driving the trains but also of managing a railway company, on routes throughout Europe.

Train Life is only available on PC, but Urban Venture is planned to be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|Swith a early access release scheduled for late 2022 or 2023.





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