In development a new Alien movie with Fede Álvarez (Don't breathe) as director

In development a new Alien movie with Fede Álvarez (Don’t breathe) as director

Ridley Scott passes the baton to Fede Álvarez (Infernal Possession) to direct a new film in the Alien saga.

Weekend smash! well The Hollywood Reporter has reported that there is a new sequel to the Alien saga in development, although this time it will not be the responsibility of Ridley Scott, Well, the director has handed over the witness to Fede Álvarez, the Uruguayan who has been in charge of scary films like Don’t breathe or the remake of Infernal Possession.

According to the publication Álvarez will be in charge of the entire script and direction of this new film of Alien that will go directly to Hulu, the streaming service belonging to Disney in which feature films and series of a more adult nature are released than on its main platform, Disney +, more oriented to children or family audiences in the United States.

Ridley Scott will not be completely oblivious to this production since he will work as an executive producer. In fact, according to the publication’s sources It has been Scott himself who has given the green light to the project after a meeting years ago with Álvarez himself, a huge fan of the Alien saga, in which he presented him with an idea for a new film.

It stayed around Scott’s head who finally took the initiative and He proposed to the Uruguayan to write the script and direct it under his supervision. Álvarez didn’t need to be asked twice. The new director went to the offices of 20th Century Studios and presented the idea to them, which was accepted with only an oral presentation by Álvarez.

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“It’s a really good story, with a lot of characters you haven’t seen before”, acknowledged one of the studio executives to THR. This new Alien movie, which will fit into the franchise but will not be a sequel to the previous ones, is part of Century Studios’ strategy of making at least 20 original content products for Hulu a year.

Of course, Fede Álvarez is a good option to take over the Alien saga, since the director has already shown how good he is at the horror genre, even that of suffocating atmospheres, as has already been seen in films such as the remake of Infernal Possession or Don’t Breathe. His last job was as a screenwriter for the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Netflix.





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