Nintendo gives away a "transmorphic" Kirby box when you buy Switch OLED... in Japan

Nintendo gives away a “transmorphic” Kirby box when you buy Switch OLED… in Japan

Nintendo has the perfect promotion in its official store in Japan: an adorable “transmorphic” Kirby box when you buy a Switch OLED. I hope it reaches other regions!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is causing an unusual furor in pink ball games. All the games in the saga, normally developed by HAL Laboratory, have been remarkable, but the new Kirby for Nintendo Switch, the first in 3D, looks spectacular.

Today we have published our impressions of Kirby and the forgotten land, and we promise you that it is capable of looking at Super Mario Odyssey face to face. Also, today you can try it, because Nintendo has launched a free demo on the Switch eShop: It has three levels and you can play it with a friend.

One of the most surprising things about the game is Kirby’s new ability, the evolution of his classic absorb. Yes, he can still swallow enemies and copy their abilities, but now Kirby has learned the art of the “transmorphosis”.

Surely you’ve already seen it in trailers, especially because of the car, or “Carby”. Kirby absorbs objects from the terrain, such as cones or vending machines that shoot drinksbut they are so big that Kirby takes the shape of the object in question.

Well, the official store my nintendo store in Japan just launched an incredible promotion: when you buy a Switch OLED… you will get freeis a box where you can keep itshaped like a “transmorphic” Kirby.

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This transmorphic OLED Switch case is very reminiscent of the rectangle Kirby transforms into when he turns into a vending machine. Look 23.5 x 12 x 28cmand it is not the box in which the Switch OLED will come in (they give it to you separately).

The promotion is currently only available on My Nintendo Store in Japan, and while supplies last, but hopefully it will reach more places. Kirby transformed into objects has already become an internet sensation, and Nintendo is looking to take advantage of it.





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