Netflix strengthens its video game division with the purchase of Next Games, authors of a Stranger Things game

Netflix strengthens its video game division with the purchase of Next Games, authors of a Stranger Things game

Netflix has announced the acquisition of Next Games for 65 million euros, a Finnish studio that had already made Stranger Things and The Walking Dead games.

Netflix has been warning of its entry into the world of video games for some time. They already included some mobile games within their subscription last year, but that’s just the beginning: their interest goes through produce your own gamesand for this it needs to strengthen its video game division.

The news of purchases of studies like those of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard They have not gone unnoticed by the streaming giant, who insist that they are going to expand their catalog of games also appealing to the traditional playertaking advantage of the value of its intellectual properties (and its 220 million subscribers -by comparison, Game Pass has 25-).

Next Games Netflix

Today we have learned that they are going to acquire Finnish studio Next Gamesby €65 million. This studio, founded in 2013, is responsible for three mobile games, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the AR game The Walking Dead Our World and the puzzle game based on the Netflix series Stranger Things Puzzle Tales (different from Stranger Things The Game).

Next Games has 120 employees and will continue to be dedicated to making games based on entertainment franchises, so we can expect more games based on Stranger Things or other Netflix series.

Michael Verdu, Vice President of Gaming at Netflixspoke about the company’s expansion into video games: “Although we are just getting started, I am confident that together with Next Games we will be able to have a first-class catalog of games that fans around the world will love.“.

Netflix is ​​not expanding as aggressively as Google or Amazon did at the time (with very uneven results), but they already have a famous indie studio in their portfolio, Night School Studios, responsible for Oxenfree.

According to your plans, 2022 should be the year of Netflix’s takeoff in video games, with proposals for casual and traditional players. This year will be a “stranger” year, with the fourth season of Stranger Things, which will also be divided into two parts.

Given the connection of the series with the “geek” field, it would not be surprising new video games based on the series.

Meanwhile, they continue betting on video game adaptations: the last thing they announced is a Bioshock movie.





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