Gran Turismo 7 is presented in Spain this Thursday with a 24-hour event from the Jarama circuit

Gran Turismo 7 is presented in Spain this Thursday with a 24-hour event from the Jarama circuit

PlayStation Spain organizes a 24-hour event to present the PS5 game Gran Turismo 7. Starting Thursday, March 3, from the Jarama circuit and with Ibai Llanos or Antonio Lobato as presenters.

Gran Turismo 7 comes out this week: the new speed game will hit stores on March 4, almost nine years since the last numbered installment. and will do it with versions on PS4 and PS5so as not to leave anyone out, although there is no doubt that it will be one of the best reasons to have PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has prepared an event worthy of the occasion, which, as if it were a race at Le Mans, Daytona or the Nürburgring, will last 24 hours. It will have guests like Ibai Llanos, DJ Mariio or Antonio Lobato, and will start from on Thursday, March 3 at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

The #Evento24hGranTurismo7as it will move on social networks, it can be followed from the channels of Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

The complete program for all 24 hours is still a mystery, but everything will be broadcast from the Madrid Jarama – RACE circuit, where real and virtual motorsports will shake hands, with a drag race in the game with the best pilots of eSports teams.

But the new Toyota Yaris GR Sport GT 7 Editionlimited edition of the Japanese vehicle that will go on sale on March 4.

Figures such as Ibai Llanos, DJ Mariio, Antonio Lobato, Cristóbal Rosaleny or Noemí de Miguelas well as guests from the world of design such as Josiemusic and cinema as Pol Granch and Alvaro Wasabithe artist Manuel Campa or the photographer Charlie Lopez.

And the creator of Gran Turismo himself could not be missing, Kazunori Yamauchiwhich will connect through an exclusive interview.

As for the competitive part, there will be a race in 24 hour format with the best drivers from Dux Gaming, Fordzilla, Falcons and Topes de Gama Racing Team.

Gran Turismo 7 comes out this Friday, March 4 on PS4 and PS5. It will be a gigantic game (in every way). Here’s our gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo 7.





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