Final trailer for Veneciafrenia, the new film by Álex de la Iglesia that hits theaters in April

Final trailer for Veneciafrenia, the new film by Álex de la Iglesia that hits theaters in April

This is what the final trailer for Veneciafrenia looks like, the new horror film by Álex de la Iglesia belonging to The Fear Collection that will hit theaters on April 22, 2022.

After a long wait, Veneziaphrenia, the new Alex de la Iglesia horror film which is part of The Fear Collection, a new Spanish label born from the association between Amazon Prime Video, Sony Pictures International Productions and Pokeepsie Films.

The film Veneciafrenia focuses on the mass tourism that the city of Venice has been receiving in recent yearsfocusing the story of the film on a group of Spanish tourists who travel to the city of canals to have a great time.

However, they do not suspect that several of the locals have organized themselves into groups to stop the invasion of tourists in their city at any cost, making the poor Spanish tourists have to fight for their lives.

to open mouth, Sony Picures Spain has released the final trailer for Veneciafreniawhich you can take a look at in the following video.

The cast of Veneciafrenia is made up of the actors Ingrid Garcia Jonsson (Explode Explode, Taxi to Gibraltar, Little Switzerland), Silvia Alonso (Til the Wedding Do Us Part, The Wish List, Losing East), Goize White (The Goddess in me, Let Go, Stop begging) and albert bang (May God come down and see it, Skins, My big night).

They complete the cast cosimo fusco (I won’t hate, Spiral Farm), Enrico Lo Verso (Sara’s Notebook, Brick Fever), Catherine Murino (Simone, Time Kills), Nico Romero (Riot, The Cable Girls), Armand of Razza (Dolceroma), Nicholas Illoro (El Cid), Alessandro Bressanello (Tolo Tolo) and Diego Pagotto (Rosso Istria).

After several delays, finally The film Veneziaphrenia will be released in theaters on April 22, 2022. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best psychological horror movies that will leave you thoughtful.

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