March 2022 PS Now games announced, including Shadow Warrior 3 premiere

Shadow Warrior 3 shows new video about the game and the mission "Doomsday Device"

The PS Now catalog expands in March 2022 with four new games, including the premiere of Shadow Warrior 3 or the remastering of Crysis.

Sony has already announced the new games that are added to the PlayStation Now catalog in March 2022. This month we will have four new games, including something unusual, a premiere game that from day 1 will be available on the subscription service for PS4, PS5 and PC by streaming.

Is about Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta and Chicken Police – Paint it Red!which can be enjoyed starting tomorrow, March 1.

PS Now March 2022

This may be one of the last months of PS Now as we know it today, as it seems like a matter of months or weeks before it arrives. “Spartacus”the new subscription system that would merge PS Plus and PS Now with different levels, and that would also include backward compatible games from PS3 and earlier.

Precisely, last week details about its operation, its levels or “tiers”, and even its prices were leaked. The PS Now brand as such could disappear, but its catalog would remain in the new service, which we expect this spring.

At the moment, these are the four new PS Now games in March 2022. The most prominent is Shadow Warrior 3new installment of the first-person action series that combines firearms and melee in brutal combat and very, very gore.

This Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital title goes on sale on March 1 on PS4, Xbox One and PCbut PS Now users will be able to play it for free, as part of the service’s catalog… until July 4, 2022.

If you’re into shots, it has also been added Crysis-Remasteredthe first of them, a mythical Crytek shooter that in 2007 was a technical wonder, but that also has an innovative gameplay, since it is not linear, but is set in a large natural environment, on a North Korean island infested with aliens.

The indie counterpoint is provided by two other games. On the one hand relicta Spanish puzzle and science fiction game, the first from the Valencian studio mighty polygonwhich relies on gravity and magnetism to unfold its puzzles, all threaded by a great lunar setting and an exciting plot in which you must escape from the satellite.

main relictmain relict

more humorous is Chicken Police – Paint it Red!a satire of the 1940s film noir movies. It is a visual novel with amazing photorealistic graphics (in black and white) but with anthropomorphic animals, and more than 8 hours of voice-recorded dialogue.

Without a doubt, a very complete selection for this March on PS Now. We also remind you that tomorrow they leave PS Plus games, including ARK and Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

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