This is how the Enchantment characters look like X-Men in this brutal fanart

This is how the Enchantment characters look like X-Men in this brutal fanart

Artist Lyle Cruse has drawn some splendid fan art imagining what the leads from the movie Charm would look like if they were X-Men characters.

Thanks to its recent addition to the catalog of Disney Plusthe movie Encanto has been getting better and better reception among viewers, whose song “No se Habla de Bruno” has become number 1 on the Billboard list.

the plot of the charm movie follows the story of Mirabel, a young woman who, unlike her family, does not have any kind of special power as she resides in Encanto, a most magical place that grants different gifts to its inhabitants.

However, when she discovers that the magic that surrounds the Enchantment is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only one without magical powers, could be the last hope of her exceptional family.

By showing characters with different powers, Encanto has become a benchmark for artists who are dedicated to making fan artsmixing the characters of the Disney movie with the most prominent comic book superheroes.

If you do nothing we showed you the comic fan art in which Luisa de Encanto joins forces with Captain Carter of the UCM, now we want to show you another very cool fan art with the characters of Encanto, this time as if they were mutants from the X-Men universe of Marvel comics.

Through his Instagram account, the artist Lyle Cruse has shared a fan art showing the Charm characters turned into X-Men. You can see its result below.

“We’re not talking about Magneto, no no no! If I hadn’t done this poster, you never would have known that with a shaved head, Grandma looks like Jeff Bezos. You’re welcome.”

what did you think of this Charming and X-Men crossover fan art? For our part, here we leave you some of the best movies that can be seen in 2022 on Disney Plus with which to be well entertained these days.

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