How to unlock and beat Achates in Lost Ark

How to unlock and beat Achates in Lost Ark

We explain how to unlock Achates, one of the guardians of the Lost Ark, and how to dodge his most powerful attacks.

Lost Ark It’s not new: this Diablo-style online Action RPG came out in South Korea in 2019, but just landed in Europe and the Americas in early February 2022, quickly rising as the sensation of the year… even causing queues to enter the servers, exceeding the expectations of Amazon Games.

If you have managed to enter, intense fights await you against the monsters that plague the world of Arkesia. One of the most spectacular is Achates, one of the guardians raid.

How to unlock and beat Achates in Lost Ark

In order to fight the Guardians you must first reach level 50. Achates is the last level 3 guardianso you must defeat the level 1 and 2 bosses first. You will need to complete the certificate to fight Raid Guardians and enter the corresponding marker (a red flag) in any city).

Also, you will need an Item Level of at least 920 in order to take on this boss, so make sure you prepare your equipment thoroughly.

Achates abilities and how to dodge them

  • Annihilation: Achates recharges energy and pulls players towards him. Move away from him and dodge the orbs of light
  • When he charges energy into his wings to use his attacks, that’s when he’s most vulnerable. Wing attacks, however, are very powerful, so you want to get as far away from him as possible when he does them.
  • When he loses 20 HP, Achates will teleport to the center of the arena and will be invincible, and some statues will appear that, when destroyed, give him colored shields. To break the studos, you must throw two stones of the same color at the shields, and attack him on the wings.
  • If he casts blue or red curses on you, you must move with other players to break the curse. The red curse will drain health from you until you die.
  • Earthquake: When Achates hits the ground, you must avoid the cracks, as they will explode.

When you defeat Achates, you will get the Tier 2 of accessoriesskill stones and upgrade materials.

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