VHS fever continues: A copy of Terminator has sold for $ 32,500 at auction

VHS fever continues: A copy of Terminator has sold for $ 32,500 at auction

A copy of the first print run of Terminator on VHS has fetched a whopping $32,500 at auction.

People investing in cryptocurrencies and NFT’s when they could have a gold mine in the storage room inside a box. A little while ago we told you about the VHS fever that has spread among collectors.

Some tapes are fetching astronomical prices that have caused sellers around the world to try their luck with absurd offers on trading sites.

Naturally, except for some exceptions that may occur, the exorbitant prices are reached by certified products that have been appraised by experts and that are auctioned on specialized and reputable sites, they are not bought on Wallapop in a fit of mobile.

Such was the case that we brought you a few days ago with a Star Wars tape in perfect condition (packaged and everything).

The thing continues with the VHS classics, those that you rented at Blockbuster to fry on video over the weekend.

According to the auction website ComicConnecta mint condition copy of Terminator Sold for $32,500 after a 3-day auction.

This is a first edition of the run made when the 1984 film went on sale for the domestic market.

In addition to the quality and good condition of the tape, which has only lost some note due to the state of some corners, it must be taken into account that the tape of Science fiction by James Cameron is very representative in the industry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger turned the T-800 into the role of his life, along with that of Conan the Barbarian. The film co-starred Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn.

This man has a paradise of VHS movies in his basement

VHS tapesVHS tapes

An exterminator cyborg is sent from the future to kill sarah conor before he spawns the one who would be the leader of the resistance in humanity’s fight against the machines.

The resistance itself will send a single soldier to protect Sarah from the Terminator, who will stop at nothing to carry out his mission.

How long the HSV fever will last is not something we know. What we are sure of is that most of the tapes that reach juicy prices at auctions have added value and, as we have said, certified.

We leave you our review of Terminator for free. If you want it on VHS in perfect condition and from the first editions, we will have to talk about pasta.





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