Shadow Warrior 3 will launch on PS Now, and shows 9 minutes of gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3 will launch on PS Now, and shows 9 minutes of gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3, the action FPS from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, confirms that it will be on PS Now for PS4 from launch day, and it debuts some very violent gameplay. It comes out on March 1 also on PC and Xbox One.

If you are looking for a new wild and frantic first person shooter, Shadow Warrior 3 is one of those games that you have to have in your sights.

Comes out On March 1 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and today Sony has released a new trailer, through your bloggiving good news: Shadow Warrior 3 will be from on launch day on the PlayStation Now service.

It is unusual for the PS Now catalog to include new games at launch, as usual in Xbox Game Pass. This may be the exception that confirms the rule… or it may be a sign that “Spartacus”, the renewed system that hybridizes PS Plus and PS Now, approaches with changes in the philosophy of Sony.

In any case, if you decide to buy it digitally, it costs €49.99but if you pre-order it on the PS Store you will receive it for free the first two Shadow Warrior games.

This new gameplay video is set in a mission in the dragon’s nest. Our chatty hero goes in search of the dragon that accidentally entered our dimension at the end of Shadow Warrior 2, looking for an egg that he can use as a weapon.

Shadow Warrior 3 is an action FPS that balances melee weapons such as katanas and firearms. The developers have made sure that we use both with a system reminiscent of the last DOOM: killing enemies with firearms gives us health to heal and fight melee, which in turn replenishes our ammunition.

This circle of violence is completed with the obligatory hookcommon in more and more games to swing through the scenarios, which we can combine with wall races.

Also, the executions here are called “gore weapons“: We will steal the weapons of the enemies to use them momentarily, with a much greater power of destruction and violence.

Developed by flying wild hog and published by Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior will be released in addition to PS4 also on PC and Xbox One on March 1no word on optimized versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for now, so if you play them on the new consoles the experience will be essentially the same, save for loading times.

Shadow Warrior 3 is already gold, and these are its requirements on PC. Being a fast action game, they estimate that the duration of the story is 8 hours, but very replayable. In fact, the studio made a bit of a mockery of Dying Light 2 in this regard…

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