One of the best NVMe SSDs for PS5 is on sale and costs only 80 euros

One of the best NVMe SSDs for PS5 is on sale and costs only 80 euros

Samsung’s NVMe 980 Pro SSD will expand your console’s storage and improve its performance by a lot, and for a very affordable price thanks to this offer.

Installing an SSD drive in your PS5 is a glory. Only with this gesture can you increase the space available on your new generation console and improve its performance, lengthening its useful life and getting more space for those big games that look so good.

There are multiple SSDs to choose frombut one of the gamers’ favorites is this one from Samsung that you’ve already seen several times around here: the SSD Nvme 980 Proa storage unit that will give your console a breath of fresh air and that can now be yours at a price as affordable as that of 80 euros. Precious if we talk about this type of components.

This NVMe SSD gives you an additional 500 GB of capacity, which is a considerable number. If you prefer, you can go for the 1TB version, but it will cost you 165 euros at Amazon, although more than an expense it is a long-term investment.

This SSD is one of the favorite units for gamers due to its excellent value for money, so it will be a great addition to your PS5 or your computer. You will notice the improvement as soon as you install it, we assure you. In fact, this album SSD Samsung is one of the fastest you have.

Boasts a sequential read speed of up to 7,000 Mbps in a Pcle Gen 4.0×4 NVMe interface and M.2 form factor. It is specially designed for technology enthusiasts, experienced gamers, and professionals who need reliability.

In short, this SSD It is the definitive unit for you if you require fast data availability and the handling of a large volume of information.for example teams pay games or for content creation in 4K.

What you should know before buying an NVMe SSD for PS5: which ones are compatible, speed, heatsinks…


Do you need more reasons to get this piece of SSD? If it is because of the price, remember: right now you have it reduced to 80 euros in its 500 GB version. An unrepeatable offer that is worth taking advantage of if you have a PS5 at home.






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