Mark Hamill reveals his inspiration for his famous singsong on The Simpsons

Mark Hamill reveals his inspiration for his famous singsong on The Simpsons

Mark Hamill makes us relive one of the best cameos of The Simpsons by revealing what was his inspiration for a curious singsong he did in one of the scenes.

One of the main characteristics of The Simpsons, for better and for worse, is its extensive cast of celebrities who have enjoyed one, or several cameos in the series created by Matt Groening.

And it is that 33 years of history go a long way. The Simpsons will broadcast its 34th season this 2022, already moving away from the 700 episodes and glimpsing in the distance the 800.

Among his most remembered cameos we have stars like Leonard Nimoy, Mel Gibson or the celebrity that concerns us today: Mark Hamillin inimitable Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

In fact, Hamill’s cameo in The Simpsons has a lot to do with his character in the saga created by George Lucas.

We have to go back to 1998, to the tenth season of The Simpsons, during the episode The Mayor and the Mafiato remember this cameo.

Hamill appears as himself earning a living as Luke Skywalker in musicals in the purest Broadway style, but without charging the lightsaber, or george lucas will make you pay.

At the beginning of the episode, while the citizens of Springfield dirimen “how to do gwin” (the sound of the lightsaber), Homer takes Mark Hamill out of the melee, who claims to have hurt his leg.

Once safe, Hamill cheerfully says goodbye and walks away, as if nothing had happened. When Homer questions him, Hamill runs away, making a funny improvised noise from the actor.

The fact is that a fan has asked through the Internet about that curious sound, and Mark Hamill himself has responded through Twitter.

I stole it from the three stooges“, Indicated Mark Hamill, alluding to the iconic classic comedy that started in the 30s.

Hamill would have an appearance again at the end, to make another nod to Star Wars, although in Spain it was not finished locating well (it was difficult).

When Homer struggles with the mobster who wants to take down the mayor, Hamill tells him to “use the fork,” a nod to the recurring “use the Force” phrase we have in Star Wars.

Thus, Mark Hamill puts an end to one of those “great mysteries” of The Simpsons. That he brings out the sound of The Three Stooges is, if possible, the least surprising thing, knowing Hamill’s hilarious personality.





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