Fallout 76 Reveals Its 2022 Roadmap Anticipating An Alien Invasion, Post-Nuclear Pittsburgh Trip And More

Fallout 76 Reveals Its 2022 Roadmap Anticipating An Alien Invasion, Post-Nuclear Pittsburgh Trip And More

Fallout 76’s 2022 roadmap has now been revealed. Bethesda shares key details on each of the expansions and updates coming to the game this year.

The story of Fallout 76 is already known to many. After a disastrous launch, the game did not fare well and the criticism/controversy seems to have gone hand in hand since the game’s release.

However, since Bethesda have been expanding this game as a service to achieve a good amount of content that encourages the most veteran players and encourages those users who consider getting the game to enter Fallout 76.

Fallout: New Mexico is a new fan-made expansion for Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Mexico - Fallout: New Vegas Fan ExpansionFallout: New Mexico - Fallout: New Vegas Fan Expansion

Over the last three years we have seen updates and expansions of various kinds and now that 2022 has begun, many players wanted to know what awaits them this year in Fallout 76.

Well, in one little postBethesda has finally satisfied the players by giving the first details of the Fallout 76 roadmap for the coming months. This is everything scheduled for 2022:

Fallout 76Fallout 76

In spring everything will start with an alien invasion of category. On galaxy invadersAppalachia is besieged by intergalactic forces that brings new encounters and a unique story.

In addition, during these first months the update for Worlds of Fallout that allows you to get SCORE All this will come accompanied by the launch of the season 8: Life underground is the best life.

With the arrival of the warmth, it’s time to put on the armor and sweat a little. test yourself adds new public events, among which stand out combats against lethal automatons. In addition, the summer will also add improvements to the progress on the Fallout 1 SCORE board and a new season that has not been specified.

In autumn it will be time to go hiking with Expeditions: the Pit! Bethesda’s promise is fulfilled and players will be able to travel to post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh where there will be new missions, characters, enemies and juicy rewards. A new season will also arrive here.

Finally, in winter it opens the nuka world tour which is nothing more or less than a traveling show that brings a new season, public events and a region boss.

Most likely, the details of each of the sections that make up this roadmap will be announced in the coming weeks and months. What do you think?

If you are fans of the saga, you may be interested to know that the Fallout television series already has showrunners, and Jonathan Nolan will direct one of its episodes.

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