Opera 84

Opera 84 introduces the “protected copy”, so that nobody steals the data you copy

Opera 84 It is the new version of the web browser that once led innovation in its segment, but currently seems to remain in a strange limbo, oblivious to a competition that does not stop introducing new features. Hence, we do not do the case that we did before. However, Opera 84 is a release to say the least.

It is, because just take a look at the official announcement to get started por bulerías with a sorrow, sorrow, sorrow according to such a sad presentation. That is also the trend of the browser for some time now, with exceptions. Is the one at hand one of those exceptions? Let’s see it.

The first thing to note about Opera 84 is that it updates its base to Chromium 98, so it is brought up to date with the technologies that underpin the browser, including all kinds of stability fixes, performance improvements and security patches… and some that another Chromium novelty that its derivatives may or may not adapt.

Of the latter, the support of snap layouts Windows 11a function that allows adjust windows automatically in the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, but it is not yet widespread among third-party applications. Or so it is glimpsed in the change list complete for Opera 84.

All in all, the great novelty of Opera 84, if not the only one, is the «protected copy, copy protection“… Call it whatever you want. It refers to a security measure for the copy of sensitive data. This is how they explain it:

“Every time you copy and paste sensitive data, like a credit card number or cryptocurrency wallet identifier, you run the risk of it being hijacked and modified by some bad actors who want your money to fall into their accounts.

Paste Protection protects you from this. When you copy sensitive data in Opera, data is monitored for changes for some time or until you paste the copied. If an external application changes the data, a warning is displayed.”

This is not the most common attack, but all protection is welcome. In this case Opera, moreover, is not an exception, and despite the significant slip-ups that not the browser has had, but the company behind it, Opera Software, in recent years, was the pioneer in integrating additional protections such as such as ad blocker and trackers,





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