Aloy becomes the first digital character to grace a Vanity Fair cover

Aloy becomes the first digital character to grace a Vanity Fair cover

Aloy debuts the first non-paper cover of Vanity Fair. With which, the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn is the first digital character to appear on a magazine cover.

Aloy has become the first digital character to star on a Vanity Fair cover. The protagonist created by Guerrilla Games premieres the first digital cover of the magazine.

Finally for many, on February 18, 2022, it arrived at Horizon Forbidden West stores for PS4 and PS5. This marked a sequel to the 2017 title first on PS4 and later on PC: Horizon Zero Dawn.

Incidentally, it served so that its protagonist was one of the many icons that Sony PlayStation has. But today we are in a celebration beyond these facts that we tell you here.

And that’s because Aloy as a character has starred on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy. Because the first digital edition of the physical magazine of VF has served for this very special occasion.

As part of these celebrations for the Horizon Forbidden West debutAloy is the first digital character to star in the vanity fair magazine cover.

At the moment, many accounts through the internet have shared the moment with emotion. As for example that of Samantha FaughtSenior Director and Head of Communications for Twitch Americas.

The first digital cover of Vanity Fair Italy has the protagonist Aloy for the launch of Horizon Forbidden West“, Says the tweet in which he publishes along with a link to his website.

This has been celebrated with Guerrilla Games studio for its franchise, but also with games in general. That it is the cover of the magazine shows its success, but also the value and representation of Aloy as a great heroine, as they say since ruetir.

The title next to this cover is “Aloy and the revolution“, what you can read here. The protagonist of both Horizons is considered the leader of a revolution in the video game industry.

As she returns to save humanity from disaster in the sequel Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation, its creators tell us why the video game’s most combative heroine is so successful.

The recipe? No gender stereotypes, a lot of female empowerment and a pinch of humor“. This is how Vanity Fair presents us with the cover and the article dedicated to it.

In this way, Angie Smets Director and Executive Producer at Guerrilla, points out: “It is a deep mistake to think that the players are simply and only men. If we look at the most recent PlayStation stats, it can be seen that around 42% of gamers are female.

I firmly believe that we have managed to create a character that everyone likes, regardless of whether they are men or women. We are much more interested in what happens to the character under the surface than what he looks like on the outside“.

With our analysis of Aloy’s long-awaited return on PS5 and PS4, we made it clear that she was returning to an open world full of mechanical beasts with many technical abilities.

If you’re thinking of playing it, you’d better check out everything there is to know about Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation or 10 things to know before playing Horizon II Forbidden West.





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