Ru plays the piano for the opening 1 of Death Note... Characterized as Misa Amane!

Ru plays the piano for the opening 1 of Death Note… Characterized as Misa Amane!

Cosplayer pianist Ru gives us this piano version of Death Note’s opening 1, while embodying the effusive Misa Amane.

Death Note was enshrined long ago as one of the manganimes most beloved and influential in history.

Created by Tsugumi Oba (Ōba Tsugumi), Death Note was published in Shōnen Jump between December 2003 and May 2006.

The iconic Death Note anime would arrive shortly after, in October 2006, airing until June 2007.

Death Note tells the story of light Yagami (Yagami Light), a model and exemplary student whose life will change after finding a mysterious notebook baptized as ‘death notebook’.

Before him will appear a shinigami (God of Death), Ryukwho dropped the notebook and will guide Light in handling it.

If the name of a person, the date and the cause of death are written in a death notebook, the death will happen in the way that has been reflected.

Light will embark on a vital mission: to erase all criminals from the face of the earth through the use of the notebook of death.

But the power to decide whether someone lives or dies isn’t for everyone, and it won’t take long for Light to become ‘Kira’, a media ‘god’ with his own fan club.

One of those fans, and eventual “romantic interest” of Light, is Misa Amane (Amane Misa), an idol who becomes obsessed with Light after he takes care of her parents’ killer.

cosplay pianist Rufrom the Ru’s Piano channel, has chosen to become Misa Amane to perform the opening 1 of the Death Note anime on the keyboard.

The subject in question is TheWorld.performed in the opening by NIGHTMARE and that many Death Note fans have internalized.

Ru enlivens her videos by playing anime songs on the piano, characterizing herself as characters from the anime to which the piece she performs belongs.

We’ve seen her, for example, turn into Asuka from Evangelion to play parts of the fantastic anime.

Remember that you have the Death Note anime review on the web to remember the two seasons that make up the series.

And if the body asks you for torture, you also have the criticism of Netflix’s adaptation of Tsugumi Ōba’s work.





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