Increase the storage of your PS5 to 2TB with this Sabrent SSD sold by Amazon

Increase the storage of your PS5 to 2TB with this Sabrent SSD sold by Amazon

This 2TB SSD is very aesthetic and powerful, ideal for increasing the storage of your PlayStation 5 and, incidentally, greatly improving its performance.

The truth is that ands a glory power expand storage space of your PS5 with the help of an SSD drive. yes, it must be an SSD with NVMe format and with PCIe Gen 4 interface. But if you find the right one, you will notice how the performance of your PS5 improves by a lot, if possible.

Precisely, right now on Amazon it has an SSD that meets these requirements and that will increase the storage of your PS5 by a lot with its 2TB. As it has been designed exclusively for the console! It is from the Sabrent brand and it costs you €369.99.

For 369.99 euros

That said: this SSD has been intentionally designed for PS5. It is designed to fit perfectly and easily into the PS5 SSD expansion slot.. Installation has never been easier on the PS5.

It also boasts breakneck speed. The PS5 requires SSD speeds of at least 5,500 mbps, and this SSD from Sabrent not only achieves this speed, but exceeds it with read and write speeds of 7,000 mbps and 6,000 mbps respectively.

For cooling, the SSD is made of high-quality CNC aluminum. Its heatsink has been specifically designed to maximize cooling performance and simplify installation.

So instead of creating a heat sink that just traps heat in the metal casing, Sabrent has opted for a heatsink that replaces the native PS5 cover. This allows for better cooling using the native fan as well as being a larger heat sink.

What you should know before buying an NVMe SSD for PS5: which ones are compatible, speed, heatsinks…


This SSD heasink method also uses Sabrent’s “sandwich design” which ensures even pressure across the SSD for efficient and consistent heat transferunlike the methods used by other brands.

Can it be the best SSD to expand the storage of your PS5? Can be. You can check it yourself or yourself by €369.99a high price but, as you will see, it will be a long-term investment.

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