GTA San Andreas CJ fighting Baldur thanks to God of War mods is something you urgently need to see

GTA San Andreas CJ fighting Baldur thanks to God of War mods is something you urgently need to see

A fight that the gods could only dream of is now possible thanks to God of War mods for PC. CJ from GTA San Andreas arrives in Midgar to stand up to Baldur with a bat included.

PS4’s God of War left one of the most memorable scenes that we have seen in a video game in recent years. The initial fight against the “weak” Baldur made us see that Kratos was facing a formidable foe.

The sequence shot that makes up the fight is fantastic and many of the moments we see are really brutal, but there is always room to improve or at least surprise the players. doChange Kratos for CJ from GTA San Andreas?

There will be those who like it and those who don’t, but it cannot be denied that seeing the famous protagonist of San Andreas punching the Norse god is, to say the least, curious. That’s what a new God of War mod does.

The result is really disturbing and hypnotic at the same time. CJ’s modeling takes on the size of Kratos and transforms him into a very neighborhood god of war. For carrying it leads to the bat that is exchanged for the Leviathan Ax.

The mod belongs to the YouTube channel Omega Fantasy and can be accessed through Patreon. There are also others less… let’s say… surreal, like one that swap the ax for Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

It was pretty clear that as soon as God of War was released on PC, the mod thing was going to start to spiral out of control pretty quickly, but this fight has exceeded any expectations.

Although the truth is that there are very interesting proposals such as a mod that removes Kratos’ beard and leaves him with a 70s cop mustache and another that adds pimples and pimples to Atreus as if he were going through puberty. Are you in favor of mods?

The game has been a complete success on PC and has already reached two million copies in less than a month, which makes it Sony’s biggest success on PC.





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