Allan Alcorn’s original 1972 Pong circuit schematics up for auction

Allan Alcorn's original 1972 Pong circuit schematics up for auction

A just-published mega-auction has tech enthusiasts on the hunt for such interesting treasures as Pong’s original circuit schematics from 1972 and all manner of Apple and Steve Jobs documents.

Lovers of retro and video game history will surely be interested in one of the lots that will be auctioned off shortly. Pong’s designs star in one of the most important memories of the medium.

Allan Alcorn creator of Pong for Atari hit the right key in the 1970s to start what would be the subsequent video game craze. Many say that it was this revolutionary video game that started it all and therefore, any material related to it has immense value.

The company RR Auction has submitted a mega auction known as ‘The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari and Apple’ where you can find all kinds of documents related to the subject.

Items featured in the mega-auction include a 1971 high school yearbook signed by Steve Jobs that could fetch up to $50,000 or an Atari job application signed by Steve Jobs that is estimated at around $300,000.

And of course, the blueprints and schematics of Pong’s original circuits from 1972, which have already reached a value of 2,500 dollars. The documents are the originals of Allan Alcorn.

Original blue line copy of Pong outline originally drawn by Allan Alcorn, one page, 34 x 22, identified in lower corner, “Pong, Al Alcorn”, with descending revision date list: “January 15, ‘ 73.

Pong was developed using a fully wired transistor-transistor (TTL) system, using logic and counters to shape its simple, yet addictive gameplay.

The history of Alcorn and Jobs has always been linked since it was the Atari designer who hired the person who would be the symbol of Apple. It was Alcorn who acted as a mentor to Jobs in his early years in the business.

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