If you want to remember the days playing HeroQuest you can buy it again on Amazon

If you want to remember the days playing HeroQuest you can buy it again on Amazon

The Hasbro toy company, owner of Transformers or Monopoly among other franchises, recovers HeroQuest, a classic board game set in a fantasy world.

Do you remember HeroQuest, the board game set in a fantasy world? For many players, in the eighties it meant a first contact with the setting and mechanics of role-playing games, although in this case we are in a version with a board and miniatures, but with elements inspired by the original D&D and company.

As well: Hasbro, the toy company par excellence, has reissued HeroQuest, which returns with a new edition. So now you can relive the epic battles of yesteryear in this board game that you have on sale on Amazon for 109 euros.

for 109 euros

The story of the game is very classic: Zargon has returned to bring darkness and only a team of heroes can prevent it. A) Yes, In HeroQuest, a game for two to five players, the heroes must work together to complete the different missionsfind treasures, raid dark dungeons and defeat the forces of evil.

One of the players assumes the role of Zargonthe ‘dungeon master’, while the rest of the players embody the four heroes of HeroQuest: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard. All players will be immersed in a fantasy world thanks to the impressive illustrations and detailed miniatures.

This reissue has been updated and now has 65 miniatures and 14 different missions, revised rules and full Spanish translation. In addition, more expansions will arrive throughout this year to further expand the game world.

And the best thing is that the Quest Book can be played many times despite being 14 quests, since players will be able to create their own stories and missions to live the adventures they want.

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So if you are a lover of board games, this great classic cannot be missing from your collection. Celebrate the rebirth of HeroQuest, which can be yours for 109 eurossurprising your friends with one of the most epic and legendary adventures in the world of board games.

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