BLUETTI raises the bar with the new AC200MAX and AC300 power stations

BLUETTI sube el listón con las nuevas estaciones de energía AC200MAX y AC300 31

The BLUETTI company has achieved what seemed impossible, take an important step forward in the world of power stations, and it has done so in a big way, thanks to the launch of its new expandable stations Power Station AC200MAX and AC300two solutions that, as we are going to see in this article, position them as two of the best models within their category, and their price range.

Both charging stations are portable, modular and expandable. In this sense we must emphasize something very important, and that is that they are really portable, that is, we can transport them with total comfort regardless of our physical condition, and its modular design allows us to reduce the weight to prevent us from hurting ourselves when moving them.

Thus, for example, a user who has more strength will be able to carry them with all the integrated battery packs, while another person who has a different physical condition you can separate the battery packs and move them separately. This supposes another important advantage, and that is that we can take the battery packs that we are really going to need, and we can do without those that we are not going to use, thereby reducing the weight of the power station.

BLUETTI AC300, a 3,000-watt modular power station for the home

the power station BLUETTI AC300 It represents an important advance compared to the EP500 Pro model, a solution with which BLUETTI caused a stir on Kickstarter. This new model has a fully modular designoffers a power of 3,000 watts and uses B300 battery packs, which will allow us to multiply its autonomy and adapt it to our real needs, which translates into greater flexibility.

In total, we can install up to four B300 battery packs. Each pack has a capacity of 3,072 Wh, which means that, with the four packs connected, we would enjoy a capacity of 12,288Wh. Impressive, without a doubt, but the best thing is that the BLUETTI AC300 can receive up to 2,400 watts of solar charging, thanks to its advanced PowerOak BLUETTI MPPT controller. This means that we could charge a B300 battery with solar energy in just an hour and a half.

If we use two or more B300 batteries, we can speed up the recharging time of the batteries by simultaneously charging using solar energy and connection to the electricity grid. This would give us a total of 5,400 watts, a value that reduces by more than half the charging times that we would have when resorting only to charging by solar energy.

Interesting, right? But surely you are wondering what we can expect from B300 batteries in terms of reliability and lifespan. It is a good question, and we are not going to leave you with the doubt. The BLUETTI AC300 uses LFP batteries with more than 3,500 charge cycles until reaching 80% of its original capacity, which means that if we completed one cycle a day these could have a service life of about 10 years, about. When we deplete a battery, we can easily change it thanks to its modular design, and we can control the status of the batteries and the key functions of the BLUETTI AC300 through a free mobile application, thanks to its Bluetooth connection.



This is the BLUETTI’s first modular solar power station, and it is also one of the best options that we can currently find on the market, both for design and build quality as well as for reliability and performance. Externally, the BLUETTI AC200MAX maintains the line of the AC200P model, but brings important improvements at a technical level, and is emerging as an interesting adventure partner for those getaways in which we want to enjoy the outdoors, but without having to give up a reliable source of energy.

The BLUETTI AC200MAX It can be recharged both with solar energy and with electrical energy. If we use solar energy, it can receive up to 900 watts, while through electrical energy the power input will be 500 watts. In case we use both, the combined load power will be 1,400 wattswhich means that we can recharge the batteries of this model much faster.

And speaking of batteries, as we have said, the BLUETTI AC200MAX has a modular design, which means that we can expand it to two B230 batterieswhich offer a capacity of 2,048 Wh per unit and an electrical recharging capacity of 500 watts, or two B300 batterieswhich support a recharging capacity of up to 200 watts by solar energy and 500 watts by electrical energy, which leaves us with a combined power of 700 watts of input.

This model comes with a B230 battery, which means that if we extend it with two B300 batteries, we will be able to expand its maximum capacity to 8,192 WH.

With the BLUETTI AC200MAX power station we will have a 2,200 watts maximum sustained power output a very good value that will allow us to power without problems even devices that have a high energy demand, including from refrigerators to ovens and coffee makers. It also has a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with the free BLUETTI application, which is available for both Android and iOS terminals.

Availability and release date

BLUETTI has confirmed that the AC200MAX is already available for pre-purchase on Amazon, and also through its official website, which we can access following this link. Its price is 2,199 euros in its base configuration, although we can get a discount of 200 euros using the code “AC200MAX”, and we can also find several packs available with very attractive prices. Thus, for example, an AC200MAX charging station unit accompanied by an additional B230 battery would cost us 3,799 euros, but we can also take a discount of 450 euros with the code “AC200MAXB230” (without quotes).

For its part, the BLUETTI AC300 is also available for pre-purchase through the same channels as the previous model. In its base version it includes a B300 battery and is priced at 4,499 euros, but if we apply the code “AC300B300” we will take a discount of 500 euros. To use that code we only have to enter it during the purchase process, without quotes, in the corresponding place.

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