Take-Two is "extremely confident" in the quality of upcoming GTAs like GTA 6, which could arrive in 2023

Take-Two is “extremely confident” in the quality of upcoming GTAs like GTA 6, which could arrive in 2023

Take-Two is very confident about the quality of the next games in the GTA saga, such as GTA 6. The problems that GTA The Trilogy has suffered, according to the publisher, will be nothing more than an “isolated case”.

Take-Two is “extremely sure” of the quality of the next GTA. The new GTA 6, which could arrive in 2023will not skimp on details and resources for its launch.

The publisher has assured investors that its standards have not slipped at all. And it’s a little understandable that they do, since the premiere of GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition It was and still is highly criticized.

The remastered versions of GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas arrived last November. Enough glitches, bugs, and problems marred the premiere that it had to be pulled from PC to “delete certain files.”

Following this, Rockstar apologized to fans by returning the originals to PC and promising constant updates; some of which have already been seen on all platforms.

Following this chaotic premiere, Take-Two was asked during its third-quarter financial report if it had made any changes to its quality control processes.

Especially so as not to repeat similar situations in future premieres of the GTA saga. Remember that next March GTA V will be released for Xbox Series X | S and the new GTA 6 is already officially insured.

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Yes, we are totally focused on quality and we always want to offer the best possible experience.replied the Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

Very occasionally we fell short, I think the trilogy was an example of that, and the game launched with some issues“, he kept saying; as an aside, Zelnick said that it worked very well for them.

We’ve fixed many and there are more to come. But going forward we remain very focused on quality and are extremely confident in all of our upcoming releases.“.

Zelnick later added: “We have had very few quality failures in the company, so every time we fall short on this point of view it has been an isolated case and we want it to continue to be that way“.

However,GTA 6 by 2023? Take-Two may have let it slip when talking about their income. As the company hopes to soon see a “recordAt the earnings level, they point to 2023 as the year of overall growth.

This could already be seen a few weeks ago, the publisher would have hinted at the premiere of GTA 6 in its financial report. Although it is stilltoo soon to give details of next year“, assured Zelnick himself.

But it has given indications that in 2023 a “earnings growth” thanks to “multiple releases“Take-Two just netted $833 million with GTA being among their “largest contributors“.

Now if it’s still very soon for GTA 6 Or if it’s about time leave GTA Vdepends on Rockstar and Take-Two. What do you think?





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