Ben Affleck improvised his most “human” phrase in Batman v Superman

Ben Affleck improvised the line of dialogue that most humanized his character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Maybe Ben Affleck’s time as Batman on the big screen is about to end. The actor has been playing the Caped Crusader since 2016, and The Flash is expected to be his last time playing the DC character.

Of course, Ezra Miller made it quite clear that he didn’t think Ben Affleck was done with Batman, making it visible on social media.

Every iteration of Batman is met with praise and criticism from the DC fandom, and Ben Affleck’s was no exception.

However, his version of the character left behind one of the most “human” lines of dialogue in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s about that “oh shit” that Batman lets out when he enters the scene doomsdayReleased by lex luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).

as collected Screenrantthe line was completely improvised by Ben Affleck during the filming of the movie Zack Snyderclearly showing that, for once, Batman himself felt overwhelmed by the situation.

Despite lacking real superpowers, Batman is known for being one of those characters who is not daunted by enemies much more powerful than him, putting his abilities and technological resources into play to balance the tables.

Even though Batman in many movies has appealed to his humanity, few lines represent it as well as that “oh shit” from Batman v Superman.

Well known are the Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth talks in the Batman films, where Batman’s faithful butler and friend emphasizes Wayne’s weaknesses, and that he must be careful.

Weaknesses or not, Ben Affleck’s Batman will plunge headlong into the events of Flashpoint in The Flash, where he’ll meet another illustrious Batman, in this case Ben Affleck’s. Michael Keaton.

Meanwhile, outside of the DC Extended Universe, Robert Pattinson is preparing to bring the new iteration of the character to life in The Batman, which opens on March 4.

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