The VHS 'boom'?  Some portals collect "offers" for classic movies like The Lion King for thousands of euros

The VHS ‘boom’? Some portals collect “offers” for classic movies like The Lion King for thousands of euros

How much is nostalgia worth? For some it is clear that it is a gold mine to exploit, and for example there are the VHS of Disney classics such as The Lion King or Aladdin that are “offered” for absurd amounts on the network.

VHS has long since ceded the throne to DVD.which would give the throne to Blu-Ray, which seems destined to be the farewell to the physical format in favor of the Cloud and electronic storage systems.

This brings the nostalgia factor into playsometimes with situations worthy of a satire of how a case can generate a wave of frenzy around a market niche.

So and as our colleagues from Business Insider collected a few days agotrading sites like eBay, Milanuncios or wallapop they have seen a strange grow bubble around classic VHS tapes.

Animated classics like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid are being offered for obscene amounts of money, some hovering around €20 or €30,000.

We have come to see VHS tapes of The Lion King for €40,000 in these portals, lacking control and clearly at the mercy of some nostalgic collector (and with zero search capacity), itching.

Of course, there are more serious sellers who, despite understanding that the nostalgia factor and that these are products that are no longer manufactured implies extra value, they do not get on the donkey of absurdity. The logical thing is to find these tapes around 50 – 60 €, which already implies a profit.

Where does all this come from? Well, there are people who endorse that “Common sense is the least common of the senses.”

the british tabloid The Sun collected a few weeks ago that high amounts were being paid in the United States (between 2,000 and 8,200 dollars), for classic VHS tapes such as Shark or Top Gun.

This led many to think about exploiting the goose that lays the golden eggs. Of course, the real range of sales, except in specific cases, is much lower.

That yes, to catch some “ansiaviva” that pays you 2 or 3000 € for an old VHS is a hit, we are not going to deny that. If you are so lucky… Congratulations!

What will be the next “rush of…” that will hit collectors? Let’s see if they get the summer compilation CDs.





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