Western Digital WD Black SN770 SSD NVMe Gaming

Western Digital Introduces the New WD Black SN770, an Affordable Gaming NVMe SSD

Expansion of its consumer SN series, Western Digital has just introduced your new WD Black SN770 SSDs, storage units in M2 NVMe format designed for the mid-range that offer a great balance between performance and price.

Unlike other superior models of its family, on this occasion we find a compact and heatsinkless design module, without making an excessive difference in terms of performance to add full compatibility for desktops and laptops.

As shared by the brand itself, the WD Black SN770 has been developed to meet the expectations of the main SSD consumers, keeping a special focus on the public gamer, with a PCIe 4 interface that offers fast speeds of Up to 5,150 MB/s sequential read and 4,900 MB/s sequential write speeds that allow users to enjoy fast file transfers and short load times.

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On the other hand, WD has also provided some random performance numbers in the form of up to 740,000 read IOPS and 800,000 write IOPS, also offering a 40% improvement in performance and 20% in energy efficiency over the previous generation WD SN750 SE. Thus, although in performance they are slightly below what other solutions such as the WD SN850 offer, it should be noted that the company is directing this product towards a premium mid-range consumer market.

And is that the real appeal of the WD Black SN770 lies in its economic nature. As the company has shared, all variants of these SSDs are now available for purchase. through official website, with prices starting at 76.99 euros of the 250 GB SKU, increasing to 112.99 euros for the 500 GB model, going through 186.99 euros for the 1 TB model, and reaching a price of 438.99 euros for the 2 TB. It is also available at some retailers.





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