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Mozilla strengthens privacy by combining multi-account and VPN containers

Mozilla VPN 2.7 is the latest version of the virtual private network service from the foundation behind developments like Firefox. And it brings interesting news for both the desktop and mobile versions.

You already know that VPN is a network technology that allows you to safely extend a local network over a public network such as the Internet. It has long been used in companies to connect offices, technical services or remote access, but in recent years it has also been used more and more at the consumer level for improve privacy, bypass region locks, or bypass censorship.

Although Mozilla is a non-profit foundation, it cannot “live off thin air” and employees who develop and maintain its products such as the Firefox browser must be paid. Mozilla VPN was an initiative to get additional income and -by the way- avoid the great dependence on what Google pays to install its search engine.

MozillaVPN 2.7

Among the novelties of the latest version of its VPN, it highlights the Firefox multi-account wrappers, which allow users to separate different parts of their online activities, such as work, leisure, or others where shopping or electronic banking are used. In essence, isolating different tasks of our virtual life to improve privacy and security.

Basically, instead of having to open a new window or a different browser to separate potentially dangerous mundane tasks from professional ones, you can isolate that activity in a container tab, preventing other sites from tracking your web activity. . The company says that combining the plugin with Mozilla’s VPN adds an extra layer of protection to users’ compartmentalized browsing activity and also adds extra protection to your location information.

Users have the ability to customize their containers in different ways and classify them as needed. Cookies from cross-container websites are obviously isolated, so you can log in to the same site with different accounts in different containers.

There are many other privacy-focused scenarios where Mozilla VPN integration with multi-account containers would also be useful. Mozilla has described this combo What “a unique privacy solution only available in Firefox«. containers liked a lot when they were implemented and the combination with virtual private networks is a great boost.

Another of the functions added in this version of the VPN is the “multi hop” for the mobile version, which allows users to set up two VPN servers instead of just one. It works by first routing online activity through an inbound server followed by an outbound VPN server. After the initial release on desktop in September 2021, Mozilla is now rolling it out on mobile for Android and iOS in another step to tighten privacy.

The release of these improvements comes after Mozilla submitted its offer Total Cooke Protection, which is used to combat cross-website tracking and data collection in Firefox. Last year, Mozilla also released Firefox Relay, which is a feature that hides users’ real email addresses to help protect their identity. Mozilla continues to bet on privacy as the central objective of its products.

The VPN service is competitive for what it offers: 4.99 euros per month. If you’re interested in trying it out, Mozilla offers a 30-day free return if you’re not satisfied. More here | mozilla-vpn





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