CrossfireX is coming to Xbox Game Pass, but without including one of the two single-player campaigns

CrossfireX is coming to Xbox Game Pass, but without including one of the two single-player campaigns

CrossfireX will be missing something when it lands on Xbox Game Pass. It seems that the game will arrive without one of the two single-player campaigns.

crossfirexthe Counter Strike rival that triumphs in Asia and that we already told you about, will reach Xbox GamePass. Although the game available on the service will not have one of the two single player campaigns.

The FPS is now available for preload on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. Its creators have warned all players through a tweet in your accounts.

CrossfireX is now available for preload on Xbox“, they said in the tweet. “There are also 3 special pre-load packs available, 1 of which includes the two single-player campaigns created by Remedy Entertainment“.

At the end of the tweet you can read that the Xbox Game Pass members will have access toOperation Catalyst” at no extra cost from 02/10/22, when the game will be available.

That means that, although the first person shooter to be released in 9 daysnext February 10, only this single player campaign will be the one that can be played in the microsoft service.

The title will arrive on Thursday of next week and is expected to be one of the big releases of the month. Next to smilegate multiplayer modethese single player extras are included.

The game focuses on rivalry between Global Risk and Black Listwith these two campaigns: Operation Catalyst and Operation Specteravailable the same day the title is released.

It seems there was a bit of a delay when it came to availability of preloads. At the time of the tweet, many users were complaining that this could not be done yet.

But after a while, and some tips from users so that they did it from the appIt seems that this has already been solved. own Remedy recently responded to the tweet with apparent emotion.

Since just the Operation Catalyst had some mixed feelings in the reviews, it remains to be seen if this campaign will be worth it available on Xbox Game Pass.

Choosing to make only one of the campaigns available makes the study leave the rest as DLC or to buy the game directly.

Time will tell if all this remains as such or if it has any impact on users. from February 10, when CrossfireX comes to Xbox Game PassWe’ll see if something similar happens.

Here you can see the spectacular trailer that they showed during the month of August.





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