3 points, mate!  Editorial Kimmo will bring back Chicho Terremoto (Dash Kappei) in his manga version in Spain

3 points, mate! Editorial Kimmo will bring back Chicho Terremoto (Dash Kappei) in his manga version in Spain

Dash Kappei’s manga, Chicho Terremoto en España, will be published in Spain by the Kimmo publishing house, with the most thuggish version of the basketball ace.

There are sports manganimes icons that have marked, and still mark, entire generations around the world. Series as Champions (Oliver and Benji) or Haikyū!!to name a couple, bring out the entire epic of sport.

The Editorial Kimmo is going to bring back one of the most representative basketball manga: Dash Kappeialthough possibly most of you know it by the title it received in Spain: Earthquake Boy.

The irreverent and hyperactive Kappei Sakamoto (Sakamoto Kappei), Chicho in Spain, will jump back on the track to make a great stopper.

Kimmo will edit Dash Kappei in kanzenban formatwith pages in full color and including a new translation that corrects errors in the original version.

Chicho Terremoto (Dash Kappei) was published for the first time in 1972, in the Shonen Sundayby its author, Noboru Rokuda (Rokuda Noboru), and continued until 1982.

The manga was collected in 17 volumes that now the Kimmo publishing house will bring back to delight fans of Chicho’s stoppers.

Internationally, Dash Kappei enjoyed greater popularity thanks to his anime, whose song inevitably sounds in your head as you read these lines.

In Spain we would not see the 65 episodes of Chicho Earthquake anime until the early 1990s. Later it would be released on DVD by SelectaVisionalthough it cannot currently be found in its online store (at least we have not been able to in a quick pass).

Dash Kappei is included in sports manga, also known as spokonalthough humor is what prevails in each installment thanks to the overwhelming personality of little Kappei Sakamoto.

his love for Akane (Rosita in Spain) gave that endearing touch to each chapter, although the young Kappei was already in charge of giving it the thug touch with his passion for white panties.

Of course, Editorial Kimmo scores 3 points with this return of Chicho Terremoto full color in 10 volumes.





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