Tony Story turns the confrontation between Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla into a hilarious Pokémon battle

Tony Story turns the confrontation between Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla into a hilarious Pokémon battle

Content creator Tony Story imagines the discussion between Paz Padilla and Belén Estéban in Save Me in a Pokémon battle format… And it’s brilliant!

Now that you’ve enjoyed Pokémon Legends: Arceus all weekend, it’s time we talk about the true pokemon legend.

Under normal conditions, we would not talk about Save me if under threat of being launched by a catapult into a volcano, but these are not normal circumstances.

A few days ago, on the set of the program, there was a confrontation over COVID vaccines between Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla. Well, on the set there is always revelry, but you understand us.

Anyone who has fallen into Telecinco while zapping and has seen the program briefly, will know very well that the arguments put forward there are not usually supported by logic or respect.

But what we’re going to. Tony Story, a well-known content creator who parodies many of these situations in the form of Pokémon battles, has recreated the confrontation in an epic way.

Iconic attacks from the Pokémon saga like ‘Payday‘, of creatures like Meowth, open the fight between the two celebrities.

Although the ‘Maricarmen attack is the winning card for every Pokémon trainer worth their salt, winning horse, folks.

Paz Padilla’s frightened “by the door, or the window”, or the potion in the form of a Vaccine with which Belén Esteban

There’s no doubt that Tony Story knows how to capture the ridiculousness of Save Me’s “debates” and take them to an epic level with his creations. We start the week with a laugh thanks to your creations.

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