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Atari celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of its own NFTs

No doubt the gaming world will be the next big player to make the leap to NFTs, despite the still great rejection presented by many of the users. However, beyond the additional content within the games themselves, it seems that the companies themselves want to give themselves a little more visibility by taking advantage of these digital tokens.

Specifically, this time It has been none other than Atarihistorical creator of some of the most iconic classic consoles in the world, who has decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the launch of the so-called GFTs, loot boxes that will randomly contain one of the different NFT contents created for the occasion .

«As a celebration of the brand that launched the modern video game industry. The Atari 50th Anniversary Commemorative GFT Collection pays tribute to 50 years of Atari, celebrating the exciting future ahead while also commemorating the iconic Atari 2600 console and fan-favorite games like Combat, Swordquest, Asteroids, Centipede and more«, shared the company.

As we can read in the newly opened official store of these GFTthis collection will have up to 10 different tokens, divided into three rarity ranges Common, Rare and Epic, with opening percentages ranging from 0.2% to 35%. However, the company has not come to stipulate if there is a limited number of units, or if on the contrary, there will be an indefinite number only limited by this probability.

However, unlike traditional NFTs, these Atari GFTs are presented as a gift for a third party more than for a personal purchase (although we can always buy them as a gift for ourselves), adding the curious addition of not being able to open until the expiration of a specific date, next February 1.

So Atari joins Konamianother video game veteran who debuted in the NFT with the sale of some Exclusive Castlevania content for more than 160,000 dollars; and Ubisoft, which is committed to exclusive content within its own games to offer additional utility for these elements.





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