Take advantage of the Steam Lunar New Year sales with this selection of games

With the first month of the year about to end, and just a few days before the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Valve wanted to bring the celebrations forward to the weekend with the arrival of the Steam Lunar New Year sale, a huge assortment of offers that will allow us to expand our library with succulent discounts of up to 90% on some titles, as well as other content such as DLCs, soundtracks and others.

Currently we can access the steam web store, or to the store tab through the desktop application, where we can see this outstanding theme with the most outstanding sales for our profile.

So, given the huge number of discounted titles, and given its fleeting nature (ending on February 3), we wanted to bring you this small selection with some of the juiciest offers to take advantage of during these sales:

Apart from the discounts themselves, the Steam Lunar New Year sales will continue to allow us to accumulate Steam Points with our purchases, also adding the availability to exchange them for some special items with a theme for this new Lunar Year, related to the Tiger, being able to get from animated stickers and avatars to full decorations for our profile page.

So, without a doubt, this is a good opportunity to expand our library just in time before the arrival of the Steam Deck, being able to find some of the verified compatible titles for the portable console on sale.

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