Nicolas Pouard, director of Ubisoft affirms that “users do not get it” when talking about the benefits of Quartz and NFTs

Nicolas Pouard, director of Ubisoft affirms that "users do not get it" when talking about the benefits of Quartz and NFTs

After Unbisoft announced its NFT system and Quartz platform, users had a negative reaction. Ubisoft’s Vice President of Strategic Innovation Nicolas Pouard replies that “they don’t know.”

The launch of NFT in the field of video games remains in the eye of the hurricane. More and more companies are favorable to entering this business, after Konami or after the statements of the president of Square-Enix, Yosuke Matsuda.

If you want to know why NFTs cause rejection or what exactly these non-expendable goods are, linked to blockchain technology, here is a report that explains everything about NFTs.

This time, the controversy has arisen as a result of the statements of one of the executives of Ubisoft, through the australian medium Finder. We remind you that the French company was one of the first to materialize its plans regarding the sale of NFTs, with the creation of the Quartz platform, and the digits, linked to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

In the interview, Ubisoft’s vice president of strategic innovation Nicolas Pouard refers to the negative reaction from users and acknowledges that “obviously we are a little frustrated, but in general it is something that we can understand. We think that what we are doing is going in the right direction. good address”

However, as the interview progresses, he becomes more vehement, even stating that “I think heGamers do not know what a secondary market can offer them (…) the players really believe that they are destroying the planet and that they are a tool to speculate.”

It seems that the exec knows exactly what players’ concerns are when it comes to NFTs. And then he tries to explain what this technology actually means. “In the end, it’s about giving the players the opportunity to resell your objects once they have stopped using them or when they have finished playing that title”.

The most controversial thing is that he ends these statements with “it really is beneficial for them, but for now they don’t take it“. Here you can read how the “play to earn” are revolutionizing video game business models.

For the peace of mind of users, another of the aspects that Pouard emphasizes is that “we will never force players to use Quartz and Digits. We are simply informing them that there is a new system that could provide them with more value than the pre-existing systems.”

For now, Ubisoft’s NFTs are cosmetic items that can be used in games, they are called Digits, and each one will have a unique serial number that will remember its owner’s name for years… even if you decide to sell them on the market that they put into operation.

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