James Gunn thinks “there’s a very good chance” The Peacemaker will get a second season on HBO Max

James Gunn thinks "there's a very good chance" The Peacemaker will get a second season on HBO Max

The director of The Suicide Squad and its spinoff series has spoken about his future projects with DC, including a potential second season of the series starring John Cena.

The Peacemaker arrived in early January at hbo max to become a phenomenon for the platform thanks to its fast-paced action, absurd humor and an intro to the rhythm of Glam Metal that nobody wants to miss for the world.

The series derived from The Suicide Squad launched its fifth episode on HBO Max yesterday. After the events of the movie, Christopher Smith miraculously spared his life, only to be re-recruited by ARGUS for a new crazy mission: the Butterfly Project.

Full of references to pop culture and with the irreverent humor that James Gunn confers on his productions, El Pacifier did not take long to connect with fans and become a success.

Not to mention the always well brought musical selection that the filmmaker has included in each episode, in addition to the usual opening sequence.

Gunn recently spoke with Deadline from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, which is still in production as we write these lines.

During the interview, the director was optimistic about the possibility of Warner Bros. and DC Films greenlighting a second season of The Peacemaker.

The success of the series is the great asset for HBO Max to launch that second season, although neither the platform nor Warner Bros. have confirmed anything at the moment.

James Gunn also dropped that they are already working on another television series connected to that universealthough he did not go into details.

Some rumors have suggested that it could be a series about blood sport, the character of Idris Elbe in The Suicide Squad, although at the moment they are just rumors.

Would you like The Peacemaker to have a second season on HBO Max? What do you think of the series starring John Cena?

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