A change in the announcement of PS Plus games triggers rumors of the imminent arrival of “Spartacus”, the Game Pass the PlayStation

A change in the announcement of PS Plus games triggers rumors of the imminent arrival of “Spartacus”, the Game Pass the PlayStation

“Spartacus”, the Game Pass the PlayStation could be announced shortly. The rumors are heard everywhere again after a change in the revelation of the free PS Plus games for the month of February.

Since the beginning of the year the rumors about PlayStation and its next move have not stopped going out everywhere.

This has also been encouraged by Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. What is Sony’s strategy to compete with such a rising value as Game Pass?

Well, these speculations come to say that PlayStation will seek to unify its services (PS Plus and PS Now) to offer its own “Game Pass”. The name that this supposed project has received is “Spartacus”. Well, new rumors have been triggered after the recent announcement of PlayStation.

This week we have been able to find out what the free PS Plus games are for February 2022. Apparently, this does not have much to do with it, but a series of users with a good eye and high hopes have noticed a change that could be the prelude to the revelation of “Spartacus”.

The detail is small, but visible. In the image where the three games that come to PlayStation Plus are presented, the text has been changed with respect to what was in January and previous months.

Although in the past month you could read: “For PS Plus Members”, in February the statement changes to: “Available this month at no added costyes.”

The truth is that this change had not been seen until now, since the past few months presented the classic “For PS Plus members”. Does this mean something?

For a few, yes, and some think that it is related to a possible reveal from Sony during the month of February. What is your opinion? It’s certainly not something to hold onto too tightly, but the rumors and reports have been constant.

In fact, there are also those who relate this supposed PlayStation Game Pass with the speculation about the backwards compatibility of PS5 with PS3, PS2 and even PS1.

This potential feature has made plenty of headlines since the start of 2022. Without going any further, this week the PS4 trophies were temporarily erased and labeled PS3, fueling the rumours.

The month of February is already coming strong with several highly anticipated and powerful game releases. Who knows if we could have more surprises. Do you think this rumored move would be in the best interests of PlayStation? Would you be interested in a service of the nature of Spartacus?

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