Suda51 confirms that he has met with Marvel and stresses his desire to work with them

Suda51 confirms that he has met with Marvel and stresses his desire to work with them

The CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes) says he has held meetings with Marvel executives in recent months.

The Marvel universe is a very juicy material for the video game industry. We have seen it with works like Marvel’s Spider-Man, the future Wolverines of Insomniac and other examples (although Avengers did not have the expected success).

We can confirm that in the future we will see more video games of Marvel licenses… and maybe one of them is orchestrated by sweat51. The Japanese genius is the CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, creators of No More Heroes.

Right now it’s more of a wish than a reality. However, it seems that both sides have entered into quiet negotiations. Suda51 himself confirms this in an interview with Automaton (via Game Informer).

In the past, Suda has already confirmed that he would love to work with the Marvel universe, and specifically with the character of dead pool. Seeing his work in No More Heroes, this license would fit him like a glove.

In said interview, Suda51 confirms that they have held a series of meetings with Marvel, to study the possibility of developing a game in said universe. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, of course.

We’ve had a few meetings with Marvel and talked about the possibility of working on something together. We hope that the power of video games will help drive these opportunities.”.

Suda51 Goichi Suda Grasshopper Manufacture

Humor is one of Suda’s indisputable qualities. In fact, ironically he says that they will study some proposal from Marvel, to then affirm that it would rather be the opposite. Your wish to do a marvel game still very much alive, no doubt.

Be that as it may, this hypothetical project will have to wait. Following the release of No More Heroes III last August, Grasshopper Manufacture is gearing up to release a new gaming IP.

And beware, because there is not one without three (the saying is not so, but hey). Suda51 confirms that they want to develop three new IP, and perhaps one of them is related to Nintendo… at least, it is one more wish of the creative.

Until now, we have worked with publishers who have their own IPs and have given us the budget to do them on commission. For independent studios, this is often the case. From now on, we would like to create three new IPs and release them one by one.”.

I’m sure you’d love to hear that Suda51 will make a video game out of a Marvel IP. Frankly, it is not confirmed and, for now, it is not. But nevertheless, the situation between both parties is good.

What is your favorite Suda51 game? Do you think No More Heroes should take a break after its third installment? Let’s cross our fingers to see that deadpool game frenetic and bloody, orchestrated by Suda51.





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